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Fine Artist to Teach at Art Center

Delray Beach, FL — October 17, 2007 — Fine artist Eric Bossik will soon show         students how to paint like the old master artists. This November, he will teach at the Armory Art Center, a visual arts center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

   Still Life Zanndam Evening
         "Zanndam Evening"
  Oil on masonite; 16 3/4"x 26 3/4"

Eric’s upcoming class, The Art of Realism, will cover important painting techniques such as value and color studies, oil sketches, and underpaintings. These techniques will enable students to create realistic paintings that capture the imagination.

Eric creates commissioned portraits for private art collectors, and his work has been featured on military books published by Harper Collins, as well as in the Sun-Sentinel, a popular Florida newspaper. Three of his pet portraits were recently featured at the
Cornell Museum of Art & History in Delray Beach, Florida.

Eric is looking forward to teaching students the long-lost secrets of master artists like Rembrandt. “The best way to keep the art of realism alive is to pass along its techniques to the next generation of artists,” he says. “That’s the purpose of my art class.”

Eric’s class at the Armory Art Center will begin on November 7, 2007.

About Eric Bossik

Eric is an accomplished artist. He has won numerous art awards, including the HTAL award of excellence at the Heckscher Museum and the Grumbacher award for portraiture. He was also a recipient of the AAPL Grand National Award for oil painting in 1998. His still life art was recently showcased in the 2006/2007 Armory Art Center 20/20 juried exhibition in Palm Beach, Florida.

CONTACT: Eric Bossik of, 561-317-2060, or

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