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Art Classes at The Bossik Academy of Fine Art

Classical Oil Painting Course

still life art class
                              "April Lights"
                  Oil on masonite; 11 7/8"x 20"
           Learn how to paint still lifes in this art class.

This course will teach students to translate what they see into a realistic painting on canvas. Creating an accurate preliminary drawing, value, composition, lighting, underpainting and accurate color mixing will all be covered.

If you're interested in learning
step-by-step methods used by the old masters and would like to develop a finished painting, then this art course will help you. My course will include the following techniques:

1. Still Life Composition
    Illuminate and compose still life objects under one source of light. The purpose of
    this exercise is to create dramatic and interesting relationships between these objects
    and a light source.

2. Drawing the Still Life
     Interpret what you see by using your paint brush to draw a still life subject directly
     onto a canvas.

3. The Underpainting
    Develop an underpainting by using raw umber oil paint and by

   art class for underpainting
   Underpainting of Jackson
   Underpainting with raw umber
    oil paint and titanium white oil
    paint for highlights.
    pet portrait art class
    Pet Portrait of Jackson
    Oil on canvas; 8" x 10"
     We will discuss the art of pet
      portraiture in this art class.

    sketching in the values
    (lights and darks) of the
    still life.You will learn the
    importance of using this
    underpainting as an initial
    value study and foundation
    for your final painting. You'll
    also learn a second
    approach to underpainting
    called a wash-in.

4. Value and Color Studies
    Execute a simple value and
    color study. Value and
    color studies will help you
    plan the final painting. The old masters did many studies before executing the final versions of paintings. If you had to take an exam for a class, would you study for that exam? Or, would you approach that exam unprepared and hope for the best?

  Lean how to create studies in this art class.
   value study  color study

    A quick value and color study the size of postage stamp can
    help eliminate that hit or miss approach to painting.

5. Color Mixing
    Learn a comprehensive approach to mixing colors for your
    painting. I'll show you how to mix and arrange your colors in
    values from light to shadow and how to add neutral greys to control chroma
    (the brightness of colors). You will learn how to create a realistic palette of colors to use for your paintings.

This art class will also cover oil painting mediums, brushes, priming canvases and masonite panels, as well as how to properly use these tools to achieve the desired effects for your painting.

The art of pet portraiture will also be discussed and offered as an option in this art class.

Bossik Academy of Fine Art - Art Class Description and Registration Information

Classical Oil Painting Course
This class trains you to translate what you see into a realistic painting on canvas. You learn how to compose and light your subject, create an accurate preliminary drawing, and build the underpainting that will help you produce the solid values and form essential to a successful painting. You will also learn how to do small studies that help you plan all the elements of your paintings. This class is for beginners and advanced students. The instruction is one on one and will accelerate your move up to the next skill level.

Art Class:
Every Monday from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM .

Instructor: Eric Bossik

Tuition: $245 

Term: Class is on-going

Number Of Classes: 8   

Enroll in the Classical Oil Painting Course.                                           

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